Weight Loss Action Plan


You’re feeling down because you haven’t achieved your body goals despite trying; going to the gym and dieting don’t haven’t made the difference. You’re still searching for ways to lose a few pounds.

You’re upset about your weight you can’t fit into the jean trouser you bought recently as your thighs are bigger whilst your belly is bloated.  

You feel frustrated, lacking self-esteem because rather than lose weight, you’re still gaining a few pounds. You’re getting upset and worried that you’ll never attain the body you want when you stand there, looking in the mirror.

That pretty pair of black sandals heel you have locked in your wardrobe and you can enjoy your date/night out.

You’re ready to not just look pretty but feel pretty and confident in your new “hour glass” body with all eyes on you the minute you step out no matter what you’re wearing.

You’re excited to rock that body in your new cloths to your place of work with your hair down and your makeup popping whilst you give the presentation like a boss.


  • You’re afraid that you’ll never lose weight at this point.

  • You feel like no matter how much you try, you can’t achieve your goal.

  • You think that if you eventually lose weight, you’ll gain it back at some point.

  • By the end of our program you will have started to lose weight

  • You’ll feel energise and you’ll feel excited to get your life back.



This 4-week plan includes


  • 90 minutes initial consultation (Skype or telephone)

  • Handouts and nutrition plan

  • Weekly e-mails to check on your progresses

  • 30 minutes follow-up consultation

I will then send you a health questionnaire and the terms and conditions of that I will ask you to fill in prior to our initial consultation.

You will also receive a PayPal link to confirm the offer.

Price: £99

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to have further information.

(Everybody is different and depending on the cases I might suggest some supplements or functional tests if I feel that it would be beneficial to you).